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How Central Queensland University is speeding up delivery with Data Vault & WhereScape

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Julien Redmond

Welcome to this DVA Partner Panel Discussion

Central Queensland University (CQU) is Australia’s largest regional university with more than 20 locations throughout the country and over 35,000 students. 

When the university changed its student system, which provided over 80% of the data within their data warehouse, they ran into challenges as they tried to maintain the old warehouse while building a new one. They ended up moving to WhereScape to automate that process.

In this episode, I invited Alan Loader from CQU and Bryan Thomas from WhereScape to discuss the university’s journey so far using Data Vault 2.0 and WhereScape.

Check it out and make sure to explore our additional resources about WhereScape and Data Vault automation.

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Meet the panel

Alan Loader
Developer at Central Queensland University
Alan has worked in the Business Intelligence team at CQU for 14 years. Over that time, he has been involved in many of the elements of the BI development lifecycle, starting as a report developer, moving into dashboard development and analytics, and he currently leads ETL development.
Bryan Thomas
Solutions Architect at WhereScape
Bryan has over twenty years of experience in designing and implementing enterprise databases systems. He specialises in cloud computing, installation, performance tuning, disaster planning and data migration.
Julien Redmond
General Manager at Certus Insight
Julien is an Information Management and Data Vault 2.0 expert. He helps businesses understand how they can improve customer engagements and business processes by moving their organisation quickly up the information management maturity curve.
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